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Mental health at work.

resilient_mind integrates mental health sustainably into your working world. 

We accompany organisations, managers and employees in the work context on the way to a resilient future in a progressive and application-oriented manner. 

As an agency for mental health, we rely on holistic transformation through psychological methods.

Mach's kurz:

Vereinbare jetzt dein unverbindliches Erstgespräch und lass dich zu den individuellen Herausforderungen deines Unternehmens / Teams beraten.

Every second person feels threatened by burnout*

Resilience helps you to prevent burnout!

Start now!

Source: Pronova BKK survey

New Work. New Challenges.
New Solutions. New Health.

We are in a time of continuous change:

advancing digitization, Work-life blending and new work structures present us with new challenges every day. The side effects: stress, physical & psychological complaints, overwork and burnout. 


The healthy mindset counteracts personal crises preventively and proactively. In order to ensure sustainable performance on the job, resilience becomes a strategic management task. Psychological security and the focus on the health of employees form the basis for effective work.

Hier ist als Logo ein Kreis abgebildet, der in der Mitte sehr deckend in beige ist, nach außen transparenter wird.




Hier ist als Logo ein Kreis abgebildet, der in der Mitte sehr deckend in grün ist, nach außen transparenter wird.



Our offer. 

We at resilient_mind put mental well-being at the center of our work,

because we believe in the power of mental health. 

In workshops, training courses and individual coaching, all participants benefit from holistic support that is tailored to individual needs and team-specific concerns.

By strengthening interpersonal communication, optimizing self-management or promoting psychological resilience: we offer organisations, teams and individuals the opportunity to shape their own future in a healthy way.




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we are
working with re_silient minds.

we are


Ein Bild von Andreas. Er hat kurze Haare nd einen Bart und lächelt in die Kamera.

Andrew Adam

B.Sc. Psychology

Systemic Business Coach (DCV/ECA)

Graduated Actor

Buche dein Erstgespräch.

Find out more about what the resilient_mind agency has to offer without obligation and book your initial consultation now. We create an initial needs analysis to define the needs of your team / company. 

We are re_silient. Are you ?

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